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All nomination information received as of September 30, 2004 will be considered for the inductee Class of 2005. Any nominations received after September 30th, 2004 will be considered for the inductee Class of 2006.

The Sports Hall of Fame of New Jersey is now accepting nominations for consideration as inductees into its Class of 2006. The deadline for nominations for the Class of 2006 is September 30, 2005. The names of candidates should be submitted in writing to the Nominating Committee, Sports Hall of Fame of New Jersey, Meadowlands Sports Complex, 50 State Route 120, East Rutherford, NJ 07073. If possible, biographical and statistical information, news clips, photos, etc. should accompany the candidate’s name, as well as a brief explanation as to why he/she should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Nomination forms can be obtained by clicking here, or by calling the Hall of Fame at (201) 507-8134.

“New Jersey has the most knowledgeable sports fans in the nation and we encourage them to give us their input on who deserves a place in the state’s Hall of Fame,” said Bart Oates, Chairman for the Sports Hall of Fame of New Jersey.

“Not only does the Hall of Fame honor athletes, but also historical New Jersey sporting events and teams which have contributed to the state in a unique way,” added Jay J. Ziznewski, Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

The nominating committee meets annually to review all nominations and to prepare a ballot of prospective nominees. Nominees are divided into four categories. The first category includes nominees who have spent the majority of their athletic career within the last 40 years. The second category, known as the senior category, includes candidates with a majority of their athletic career spent 40 or more years ago. The third category includes contributors, coaches, officials, and members of sports media. The fourth category is the event/team category. Final ballots are submitted to the Board of Trustees for their vote. The Board of Trustees determines the number of inductees annually.


1. Nominees must have resided in New Jersey or have had a significant association with the State at the time of their athletic careers.

2. The athletic category includes individuals who have distinguished themselves through amateur or professional athletic competition at the highest levels of their participation and, as a result, brought lasting glory and recognition to themselves and New Jersey through their achievements.

3. The contributor category shall include coaches, officials, and members of sports media and individuals who have played vital and integral roles in the development and advancement of sports, amateur or professional, in New Jersey through various administrative, promotional or other influential capacities.

4. Sporting events and teams, amateur or professional, that have contributed in a unique and outstanding manner to the legacy of sports in New Jersey shall also be eligible for induction.

5. An athlete shall be eligible after a three-year waiting period following retirement from active competition. A contributor, sporting event, or team shall be eligible, whether active or inactive, at the time of nomination.